What Are the Signs That My Power Steering Pump Is Failing

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You’re driving along and about to turn into your work’s parking lot. It’s going to be a great day; you’ve already decided nothing will get you down. You make the turn once it’s safe and you hear this weird groaning sound. What is that? It could be your power steering pump, per PKW Motorwerks. Here are signs that the pump is on the road to failure and needs to be replaced.

Difficulty Steering

Aside from strange noises, which we’ll talk about next, your steering wheel pump controls the ease of steering and you will find it difficult to steer if there’s a problem with the pump. In some cases, you will find yourself turning it harder than normal to make a turn; it won’t turn without extra revolutions. In other cases, you might feel unusual resistance or give in the wheel. It might slip a few notches and then go back to feeling normal or get really tough to turn and then go back to normal.

As Promised: Strange Sounds

Aside from the groaning discussed in the introduction of this blog post, you might also hear clicks or squeals. Usually, the clicks happen more if there’s a problem with your steering arm or rods. If the steering wheel pump squeals that it’s in trouble, it will do so when you first start your car, truck, or SUV. This is because starting the automobile engages the inner parts in the steering wheel pump. If there is any problem with these internal parts, they will let out a screech to alert you of trouble.

Strange Leaks

Your vehicle will always release water. This is normal and shouldn’t be considered an issue. Water is produced naturally from emissions and air conditioner condensation. You shouldn’t have any other fluid leaking from your automobile and this includes steering wheel fluid. If steering wheel fluid is leaking, it will do so from the pump or hoses. The fluid is red, or more brownish if it’s dirty. If you notice red automotive fluid leaking from your vehicle, have the leak inspected right away. Red fluid leaking from your car, truck, or SUV could also be transmission oil or coolant and that spells even more trouble.

PKW Motorwerks in Plainfield, IL, would be happy to take a look at your steering system if you are concerned there’s a problem with the pump or other components. Call us today to schedule an appointment. Our number is 630-381-8834.

Image by tookapic from Pixabay