Ways to Control Road Rage and Stay Safe

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Why are we talking about road rage? Because, according to the NHTSA, fatalities due to aggressive driving rose 500 percent – you read that right – from 2006 to 2015, and people are only becoming more aggressive. PKW Motorwerks doesn’t want to see you or your European automobile involved in an accident caused by road rage, so what can you do about it? Well, if you’re the one raging, and let’s be honest, we all have road rage at times, Psychology Today suggests you adopt the following mindsets to help control your anger and aggression behind the wheel.

Stop Being Self-Absorbed

Sorry for being direct but it really isn’t all about you so. Yes, we all view life experiences through our own eyes and how they affect us, but the more self-centered you become, the more you believe another driver is out to get you when he or she really isn’t. The other driver might not really be an “idiot.” He or she might not even see you. Not everyone is retaliating against you behind the wheel, so keep that in mind before you become the retaliatory one for no reason.

Not Everyone Thinks Like You

The beauty of humankind is that we are all different, which means the entire world does not think like you much less see things the way you do. You might want them to, but think about this: Do you want to think like someone else does? We have different “filters,” as Psychology Today calls them, which means our views are different. Rather than get angry at someone who doesn’t drive exactly the same way you do, understand he or she isn’t looking through your filter nor are you looking through his or hers.

Which Brings Us To…

You can’t change people, especially people you don’t know. And, again, don’t make this about you. You might want to change the drivers you are angry with to be more like you but flip that coin and give it another thought. Do you want another driver to change you to be just like him or her? When you are behind the wheel, you immediately enact road rage if you think you can teach another driver a thing or two or show him or her who’s boss. You aren’t in charge and you can’t change people anyway.

You Draw More Flies With Honey

Finally, what do you think is going to happen if you get mad at the person who cut you off, lay on your horn, give him or her the finger, and then tailgate him or her for a few miles just to make your point? First, you’re going to open both of you up to a dangerous situation in which an accident could occur and you’d be at fault. Second, you’re going to anger the driver in front of you and escalate the situation. Let it go. How many times have you cut somebody off without meaning to? We’re all human.

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