Vehicle Exhaust 101 How Much Is Too Much and What Color Should it Be

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We don’t want to talk about vehicle exhaust just because more European cars are diesel than domestic makes and models are. We want to talk about vehicle exhaust because it’s a sign that your vehicle is in serious trouble in some cases. PKW Motorwerks specializes in European vehicle maintenance and repair, so let’s discuss the exhaust of your Beemer, Mercedes-Benz, or another European machine.

How Much Exhaust Is Too Much?

Your automobile is always releasing exhaust while it’s running; you just can’t see it. Even today’s diesel engines do not produce the black exhaust they became infamous for decades earlier, so to be completely honest, any exhaust is too much if you see it regularly. In other words, your car, truck, or utility vehicle shouldn’t be releasing exhaust that you can see all the time. If it is, then something is definitely wrong, especially if the emissions are thick and colored.

Black Exhaust Emissions

To explain further, even if you drive a European diesel, you shouldn’t see black exhaust emissions coming from the tailpipe all the time. Several blogs back, we talked about reasons why your automobile might catch on fire and if you see black exhaust pouring out of the tailpipe, you’ve got fire. When gasoline burns it creates black smoke, and black-colored exhaust indicates your engine is burning fuel.

Blue Exhaust Emissions

Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you if the exhaust looks bluish. It’s a good thing that your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you but it’s a bad thing that your vehicle is releasing blue-colored exhaust. This is a sign that the engine is burning motor oil and where this is happening is up for grabs. The bottom line is your automobile engine should never burn motor oil. If it does, you’ve got serious problems that need attention right away.

White Exhaust Emissions

The same holds true for what would usually be considered a non-worrisome color: white. Picture this (we hope you never have to, by the way): You’ve had your European automobile for decades and you never plan to get rid of it. You love your car, but lately, it’s been overheating. After a few days of overheating, you notice you’ve got white exhaust coming out of the tailpipe. What’s going on? We hate to say it, but you’ve cracked the head gasket and your engine is burning radiator coolant.

Bring your vehicle into PKW Motorwerks in Plainfield, IL, if you believe you’ve got an exhaust problem. Call us at 630-381-8834 to schedule an appointment. If you believe your vehicle is burning gas, oil, or coolant, it’s best to have it towed to our shop to avoid fire risk and engine damage.

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