Traffic Driving You Crazy? Here Are Some Helpful Tips!

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You dread your commute and you’re not alone. Who enjoys getting stuck in traffic day in and day out? What if we told you that you could enjoy it. No, we’re not crazy. Yes, we’re serious. Traffic is horrible no matter how you slice it but you can do things to keep you calm and relaxed while you struggle to get to work and then back home. Here are some tips to make traffic palatable – well, at least somewhat.

Grab Your Favorite Beverage Before Your Commute

Unless you have a really long commute that would require a bathroom break, grab your favorite beverage and snack in the morning and afternoon to help you through your commute. Caffeine isn’t your friend while you’re sitting in traffic because it will increase your agitation at the pace of your commute. Rather, select something yummy to make you sigh in relief each time you take a sip.

Listen to Your Favorite Music

Turn off the news stations, talk radio, and traffic reports. You’re stuck in traffic already; you know it’s slow-going. Rather, put on your favorite tunes and pretend you’re the lead singer of the band. Imagine you’re entertaining a huge crowd of fans who cannot get enough of your voice. Don’t be afraid to let it all out and dance around in your seat when you’re at a complete stop, too, to bring a smile to your face.

Think Big

Tired of where your life is going? Feel as if your life has stalled completely? Now is the time for reflection since you have nothing better to do. Take a moment and go inside your head while still paying attention to traffic and start talking to yourself out loud. Where are you mentally, physically, and emotionally? Is this what you thought your life would be like when you were a kid? Really assess yourself and set personal goals to change the things you want to change. Think big. You deserve the best.

Comic Relief

Turn your automobile into the local comedy club by listening to funny audiobooks or comic routines. You can purchase the books or albums from your favorite funny authors and comedians or you can listen to comedy radio stations on satellite radio if you subscribe to it. The point is to laugh. If you’ve spent some time reflecting and now want to lighten things up, tune into some comedy.

Finally, bring your vehicle to PKW Motorwerks for its scheduled maintenance. The worse thing about traffic jams is worrying whether your vehicle will overheat or break down before you get to work or home.