Thanksgiving Weekend Travel Tips to Prevent Automobile Accidents

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European automobiles are built to handle well at high speeds, but this doesn’t mean you should drive like a maniac to your Thanksgiving weekend destination. There are millions of travelers on the road each year, which makes for slow and frustrating driving conditions. PKW Motorwerks lists some tips below to help keep your Thanksgiving drive accident-free.

Slow Down

Plan your trip’s route in advance and use your GPS system to alert you of any delays or reroutes. Check the traffic conditions before you leave and hit the road super early so you aren’t rushed. Driving recklessly, including speeding, because you are running late is a sure way to get into an accident, especially on congested highways. There’s going to be traffic over the holiday weekend, so plan for it and take whatever steps are necessary to remain patient.

Stop and Move Around

Take restroom breaks. Don’t get into your vehicle and refuse to stop until you arrive at the Thanksgiving destination. Stopping, getting out of your automobile, and moving around gets your blood circulating and keeps you alert behind the wheel. Hydration also keeps you alert, so drink plenty of water. The frequent stops will allow you to use the restroom when you need it. Pack high-protein snacks, as well, to help keep your blood sugar stabilized.

Silence Your Cell

Even if you have a long drive ahead of you and use your cell hands-free, talking on the cell phone while driving distracts you, as does texting. Driving while distracted is just asking to get into an auto accident, so silence the phone and remain focused on the road. Avoid other distractions, as well, such as eating full meals while driving (stop for those) and shaving or putting on your make-up. Ask the kids to silence their devices or wear headphones, too.

No Drinking

If you aren’t spending the night at your destination after the delicious Thanksgiving meal, avoid alcohol. The turkey alone will make you sleepy; alcohol on top of that will likely cause you to doze off while you’re driving. Drive defensively, i.e. be aware of what other drivers are doing around you. If someone else is drunk-driving, keep clear of the vehicle to avoid it hitting you. Even a glass of wine or one beer can slow your reflexes and cause an accident.

Finally, bring your European automobile into PKW Motorwerks in Plainfield, IL, before Thanksgiving weekend so we can inspect the vehicle and prepare it for your weekend holiday trip.

Photo by EdStock from Getty Images via Canva Pro