Signs of Exhaust System Trouble With Your European Automobile

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You bought your European automobile for its performance, but lately, the engine has been giving you a little trouble. You’ve noticed power loss here and there, and it’s so loud. PKW Motorwerks can inspect your vehicle’s exhaust system and repair it. How can you tell if there is a problem? Here are the most common signs your vehicle has an exhaust system problem.

1. Noise

We mentioned noise above because a hole in the muffler can make your engine super loud. This is cool, but it’s also illegal, so it’s a good idea to get it fixed ASAP. Another engine noise you might hear is hissing or tapping. If you have a problem with the exhaust manifold gasket, you will hear pressurized exhaust escaping from the faulty part, and this sounds like hissing or tapping.

2. Performance Issues

We also mentioned engine performance issues above because they, too, happen often when your automobile’s exhaust system isn’t working as it should be. Exhaust trouble slows down your engine’s response to your commands. You will feel lagging or hesitation when you press down on the accelerator if you have a leaking exhaust system.

3. Gas Guzzling

The exhaust system leak will also cause your European automobile to guzzle gasoline. This is because the engine is working harder than it normally would to meet your power demands. The harder the engine works the more gas it uses, and you’ll find yourself filling up your automobile more often than you normally do without any other explanation as to why.

4. Burning Smells

Let’s assume for the moment that your exhaust system leak is coming from the manifold gasket. The hot exhaust escaping from the gasket will overheat the engine parts nearby. Alongside performance issues, you might also smell burning plastic and hot wiring. This is dangerous, so pull over immediately and call for a tow truck to avoid further part damage or a fire.

5. Tailpipe Damage

If you have a bad habit of driving too fast over speed bumps and potholes, you might end up damaging your tailpipe. Because of where they’re positioned under cars, tailpipes can be knocked loose, end up with holes in them, or even be left barely hanging after they’ve made contact with the road or road debris. You’ll be able to see the pipe hanging if you look under your car.

Finally, you should never smell gasoline inside your vehicle’s cabin. If you do, call PKW Motorwerks in Plainfield, IL, for an exhaust system inspection. We can maintain and repair your existing exhaust system or upgrade it to improve your vehicle’s performance.

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