Should I Get My Car’s Air Conditioner Serviced Before Summer?

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It’s a good idea to have your European car, truck, or SUV’s AC checked before the weather gets really hot, especially if you haven’t had it inspected and tested in a long time. You rely on the AC to keep you cool when the mercury rises, especially when you’re sitting in traffic. PKW Motorwerks can give your European vehicle’s AC the once-over and service or repair it if necessary. This keeps you and your passengers cool as a cucumber even though it’s hot outside. No more “It’s hot” whines from the backseat!

Things That Can Go Wrong

As with any system in your car, truck, or SUV, parts wear down over time, fluids need to be replaced, and things can just go wrong. Your vehicle’s air conditioner is unique in that it can have the same problems the AC in your home can have. This is why all air conditioning manufacturers recommend you have the units serviced at least once a year. This isn’t such a bad idea for your automobile, too.

When you don’t maintain your European vehicle’s AC, you may find the first time you turn it on that

  • The air isn’t as cold as it should be
  • You smell musty odors coming out of the vents
  • Something starts banging or rattling in your engine
  • Water starts dripping onto your floorboard

All of these things indicate a problem brewing your vehicle’s air conditioner. It could be something minor, such as low refrigerant, or something major, such as compressor failure or mold. The bottom line is you can avoid all of these things with a service visit. This gives us a chance to test your system and reboot it – so to speak – if necessary. If mold is the problem, we can find its source.

Cooler Summer

Our air-conditioning service includes checking the refrigerant and replacing it or topping it off if necessary, recharging the system if it is under manufacturer’s recommendations, checking the system for leaks, such as the leaky hoses that will dump water onto your floorboard, and making sure your compressor is operating as it should be. We can also clean the vents if they need it.

All of this equals a cool and comfortable summer for you and your passengers each time you’re in your European car, truck, or SUV, and why should you suffer? You can set up an appointment for an AC check by calling PKW Motorwerks or stopping by our shop. We’ll make everything is a-okay with the AC.