Should I Get A Pre-Purchase Inspection

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Have a used car inspected before you buy it, especially if you’re purchasing it from a private seller. Underlying damage invisible to the naked eye can make your used car buying experience a nightmare; you end up with a lemon that isn’t protected by lemon laws. If you’re looking at a European automobile, it’s important to have experts in European automobile manufacturing conduct the inspection. Experts, such as PKW Motorwerks, work with European vehicles all day and are happy to provide a pre-purchase inspection.

Peace of Mind

A used-car inspection does more than just make sure the vehicle runs; it also gives you a good idea of how much life you can expect from the vehicle. Most automotive inspections include the equipment and options to ensure things such as built-in GPS work. The inspection will check all parts for wear and tear, including brake pads and tires. It can find hidden and electrical trouble through visual inspections and diagnostic checks, and all of this tells the buyer whether this vehicle is a good or bad choice.

You don’t want to buy a car if you have any questions about it. You want to know that even though the vehicle is used, it was well cared for and will run like new. You want the confidence that you’ll have the vehicle for years to come; otherwise, why buy it? A full vehicle inspection will tell you things you didn’t know about the vehicle that will influence your purchase decision and that confidence is worth it no matter the inspection price. You can move forward with the purchase fully informed.

Hidden Things the Inspection Finds

You know the pre-purchase inspection will check all the systems for wear and tear and their expected remaining lifespan but did you also know that it can find hidden damage? An experienced inspector can put the car on the rack and locate frame damage from a previous accident, wheel or suspension damage and undercarriage damage. The inspector can also identify areas where vehicle repair work was subpar as this can cause problems in the future.

Even flood and fire damage can be spotted by an experienced inspector and if the used car you are interested in buying has any of the above, you might want to look for another vehicle. Hidden damage, leaks, rust… all of these things spell trouble down the road so make sure any vehicle you want to buy is inspected thoroughly from top to bottom. Even if you’re looking at a dealer-certified used car, consider having it inspected independently, as well.

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