Safety Tips For Your Holiday Drive

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Happy holidays from PKW Motorwerks! As you plan your holiday celebrations, make sure to stay safe on the road. You know not to text and drive or to drink and drive, so stick to those rules to avoid accidents. There are other things you can do to ensure your holiday drive is a stress-free one that gets you to and from your destination without incident. Here’s what they are.

Maintain Your Vehicle

Maintaining your vehicle is crucial to road safety, especially during the holidays. Last year, 36,560 people perished in automobile accidents according to the NHTSA. Between the week of Christmas and New Year, 300 persons on average lose their lives due to drunk driving. While you may never drink and drive, you are equally susceptible to an accident if your vehicle is not maintained because issues such as bald tires or worn brake pads can still cause you to lose control of your automobile and reduce your vehicle’s response time to avoid danger ahead of you. Have any services due done before your holiday drive.

Make Sure Someone Knows Where You Are

Before you hit the road, check your route to make sure it’s smooth driving from start to finish. Even if the route is clear of delays and the weather looks good, plan an alternate route to your destination just in case you need it. Print a map of your route and give it to your best friend or someone else you trust. As you drive along, check in with that person at each stop to report where you are at that time. This lets the person know your approximate destination should something happen and he or she needs to call emergency services. A failed check-in will alert the person that something is wrong.

Drive Defensively and Avoid Distractions

Finally, remember what you learned in driving school about winter weather techniques and implement them during your drive. Leave early so you don’t have to rush on wet or icy roads; you should always reduce your speed by at least 10 mph in these driving conditions. Also, give yourself extra space to stop in the event the driver in front of you slams on his or her brakes. Accelerate and decelerate slowly to avoid spinning your wheels. Keep distractions to a minimum, too. No phones, loud music, or arguing children in the back seat. Distracted driving is a major cause of accidents.

PKW Motorwerks Plainfield, IL, wishes you and yours a safe and happy holiday season! Call us at 630-381-8834 for European automobile service and repair.