Let’s Have Some Fun! Autobahn Driving Rules

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If you’ve stumbled upon our website, you love German automobiles as much as we do. Let’s have a little fun and imagine we are in Germany getting ready to drive the Autobahn. What’s your vehicle of choice? Beemer? Porsche? Audi? Got it in your mind? Good! PKW Motorwerks challenges you to an imaginary race, but you need to heed these driving restrictions to avoid trouble. Yeah, we know. No fun.

Speeds Are Different on Open Vs Congested Roads

You have to get out of the city before you can really test your vehicle and driving skills. To avoid traffic collisions on congested thoroughfares, the Autobahn restricts speeds to as low as 50 mph in major cities. Once you hit the open road, you can push it, but if you are driving through Berlin, for example, you must obey the speed limits. They are posted on digital signs.

The reason why they are posted on digital signs is they change frequently. You can drive faster through Berlin when it isn’t rush-hour. You can also drive faster on the open road, unless the weather causes dangerous road conditions. If there is rain, sleet or snow, the Autobahn will adopt a speed limit to keep drivers safe on slick highways no matter where you are. These limits will be posted on the digital signs.

Accidents and Construction

Construction zones require safe speed limits as do automobile accidents. Drivers are warned of both ahead of time to give them the opportunity to slow down to the posted speed limit. If there has been an automobile accident, drivers must move over to the right or left to create a center lane. The center lane is for emergency vehicles, so make sure you stay to the right or left at all times.

Additional Road Rules

Because the Autobahn travels at such high speeds, you can only drive an automobile on it. You cannot ride a moped or bicycle and you definitely cannot walk on it. You can’t run out of gas, either. If you begin to have car trouble, pull over to the shoulder and call for help. Don’t use the shoulder to stop for any other reason. If you want to pass the car in front of you, you can only pass on the left.

It would be so much fun to drive on the Autobahn wouldn’t it? Maybe someday! In the meantime, keep your European automobile maintained by bringing it to PKW Motorwerks. We’re located in Plainfield, IL, and you can set up an appointment by calling 630-281-4100.