Help Your Car Stay Warm This Winter With a Fall Service Visit

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Now is the perfect time to let PKW Motorwerks look over your European automobile and make sure there isn’t anything that needs to be done before the winter weather hits Plainfield, IL. Winter weather can reduce vehicle reliability and safety, so let us inspect your car now before the temperatures drop.

Battery Service

Your car’s battery uses a chemical reaction to produce power and cold weather affects that reaction. Your battery is more likely to die in the winter than in any other season because the chemical reaction is slower. Let us inspect your battery and replace it if it is old because an old battery cannot take the cold.

Fluid Service

Vehicle fluids, particularly antifreeze, are critical in the winter. Engine’s freeze in frigid temperatures and antifreeze prevents this from happening. Synthetic motor oil is also a good choice in cold weather as it stands up to the icy temperatures better than conventional oil without losing its viscosity.

Heater Service

Your vehicle’s heater is basically a core that draws the heat from the engine coolant and uses that heat to warm the air blowing into the cabin. Fall is an ideal time for a heater service. This gives us a chance to make sure the heater core will keep you warm no matter how cold it is outside.

Tire Service

You know how important tire tread is on wet roads, so don’t take chances and ignore your tires before the first rainstorm or snowstorm. Check the tread yourself or bring your car in so we can inspect the tires. Remember, your tires cannot grip the road without enough tread. You’ll hydroplane.

Transmission Service

If you haven’t had the transmission serviced in quite some time, don’t push your vehicle through winter driving without it. The transmission downshifts a lot in inclement weather because of driving conditions and traffic. Make sure your transmission is ready to handle this added stress.

Windshield Service

Wiper blades and washer fluid can be your best friend or your worst enemy in the winter. If your blades are worn out, they won’t be able to clear the rain and snow from your windshield effectively. If your washer fluid is low or doesn’t have a de-icing agent in it, you’ll be stuck unable to see ahead of you.

PKW Motorwerks in Plainfield, IL, is ready to make your European automobile winter-ready with automotive service and repair. Call us to schedule an appointment for fall maintenance.

Photo by Coffeekai from Getty Images Canva Pro