VW Carbon Cleaning

VW Carbon Cleaning

Direct injection engines require a little extra care compared to the traditional port injection engines. Carbon build-up is very common on VW direct injection engines. It’s just a matter of time before your vehicle starts losing the power it once had. If you notice your VW is starting to act sluggish and running a bit rough it may be time to look into carbon cleaning.

What is Carbon Build-Up?

Carbon build-up in your engine is a result of fumes from combustion gases getting deposited on your Volkswagen’s ports and valves (creating a black soot) – The carbon build up restricts air flow to the vehicle’s engine causing many symptoms:


  • Engine Misfire
  • Rough Idle at Cold Start
  • Engine Vibrates or Shakes
  • Check Engine Light


If you experience, any of these drivability issues give us a call. The carbon cleaning process generally takes less than a day and we can get you back on the road feeling like you did when you bought your Volkswagen! Get back that horsepower you’ve been missing and it takes less than a day.


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What's Included in the removal?

First, we remove the intake manifold and then clean the ports and intake valves via walnut blasting. Walnut blasting is the best option on the market today. Many shops try to sell the cheap chemical version that will not give you the same results. The walnut blasting process consists of shooting walnut shell pieces onto the port and intake valves with a compressed air blaster. The pricing and time it takes will depend on the engine size. Give us a call at 630-281-4100 for a free quote for your specific model and we can get you squared away and back on the road.

VW Walnut Blasting

Can You  Prevent It?

There is really no 100% cure to prevent carbon from forming on your intake valves for VW vehicles. It’s best to treat carbon cleaning as part of your routine mileage-based service. It should be done every 30,000 miles to keep your Volkswagen in the best shape and prevent any further engine issues.

VW Carbon Cleaning   at PKW Motorwerks

At PKW Motorwerks, we have experience cleaning intakes on all VW direct injection engines. The end results lead to increased power, gas mileage improvement and prolonged engine longevity. Our Plainfield VW shop services Naperville, Aurora, Joliet, and the surrounding southwestern suburbs of Chicago.

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