Avoid Damaging Your European Automobile With a Little Parking Lot Common Sense

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Whether you drive a classic European sports car or a beautiful brand new European crossover, you do not want anyone – anyone – to ding your automobile. The most common place for exterior dings is, you guessed it, a parking lot. People are careless, distracted, and can be just plain rude, and this can add up to unwanted parking lot damage on your automobile. PKW Motorwerks recommends you employ a little common sense to protect your European beauty every time you head into and use a parking lot.

When You’re Driving

Pull into the parking lot carefully and drive slow as you search for the perfect parking space. Don’t be tempted to drive any faster than 5 miles-per-hour, especially if the parking lot has speed bumps to keep speeding drivers at bay. Watch for pedestrians (especially running toddlers), rogue shopping carts, and other drivers, especially those who pull out of parking spaces going forward, instead of backing out of them as they’re supposed to, and push their way into oncoming traffic. Exit the parking lot using the same precautions when you’re ready to leave and move on to your next errand.

When You’re Parking

In your search for the perfect parking space, take several things into consideration. First, assess how large the parking spaces are and whether they have concrete markers, as markers can damage your suspension and tires if you’re jammed up against them. Take into account how packed the parking lot is, as well. To protect your vehicle, you want to find a parking space that has

  • Plenty of room to fit the width of your automobile
  • Plenty of room to fit the length of your automobile
  • Nice vehicles on either side of the space
  • Vehicles parked within their respective spaces on either side of the space
  • A parking space that isn’t underneath a tree filled with birds

To flesh this out further, if you squeeze into a parking space that is too small for your automobile or leaves your vehicle’s end hanging out the back of it, you could easily end up with a car door ding or rear-end damage. People with nice vehicles themselves who are parked properly are less likely to hit your door with their doors. Finally, bird poop can eat away at your vehicle’s pain, so avoid them.

While we can’t park your automobile for you, PKW Motorwerks can keep your European machine running as if were brand new no matter how old it is. Call our Plainfield, IL, shop today at 630-381-8834.

Photo by 12963734 from Getty Images Pro Canva Pro