5 Reasons Why European Cars Are the Best

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European cars are the best. Well, at least we here at PKW Motorwerks think so. We aren’t bashing American automobiles; they’re great, too. There’s just something about hitting the highway in a finely-tuned European automobile that pumps your blood. There is a difference between European and American automobile manufacturing, and here are five reasons why we prefer European.

1. European Automobiles Are Smaller

If you’ve ever been to Europe you’ve noticed they have small roads almost everywhere. This is why European automobiles tend to be smaller than American-made machines. There isn’t room for large SUVs or Hummers. Rather, European cars are small to allow them to handle easily on the tinier roadways. There isn’t a “go big or go home” mentality in Europe.

2. European Vehicles Handle Better

Handling is also taken into account when manufacturers think about European roads and highways. These vehicles are designed to travel well when driving the high speeds found on the Autobahn. They’re also designed to handle small, curvy roadways with ease. European vehicles must travel safely at high speeds and in tight situations, which is why they’re designed for optimal handling.

3. European Automobiles Use More Manual Transmissions

Part of what makes European automobiles easy to handle is their manual transmissions. This allows the driver to control which gear the vehicle is in. It also reduces maintenance costs and lends to less expense should the vehicle have transmission trouble. If you prefer an automatic, you’ll find them in most European models, but you’ll also find more manual options in European automobiles.

4. European Automobiles Are More Fuel-Efficient

Another thing you’ve noticed if you’ve been to Europe is gasoline expense. Even though our gas prices are higher than they’ve ever been, European’s can pay three times as much to fill their tanks. This is why European automobiles are more fuel-efficient. Automobile manufacturers know every major European city has fantastic public transit and they must give buyers an incentive to purchase their vehicles.

5. European Automobiles Are Visually Stunning

The beauty of European automobiles cannot be overstated. Inside and out, these stunners draw attention wherever they go. Europeans want a car that will turn heads; they are proud of what they drive, which is why aesthetics is a huge part of European automobile manufacturing. These cars are sleek with a touch of sophistication that makes every drive feel as if he or she were “Bond, James Bond.”

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Image by Goran Horvat from Pixabay