4 Things That Increase the Chances of Your Vehicle Catching on Fire

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Preventative maintenance prevents a lot of things and one of the things it prevents is your car from catching on fire. While we maintain your European automobile, we check for dangers, such as those listed below, to ensure you don’t run into trouble on the road. Just bring your vehicle into PKW Motorwerks for a once-over. We’ll make sure everything is okay, including the four things below.

Loose Hoses and/or Wiring

Vehicle hoses and wiring each serve their own purpose. Hoses transport fluids throughout the vehicle, including your radiator hoses which are tasked with distributing engine coolant. If the hoses are cracked or worn, your engine will not get the coolant it needs and overheat. If hot enough, this can start a fire. If your engine’s wiring casing is worn, a fire can be started by the metal-on-metal sparks. Not good!

Tripped Fuses

It isn’t actually the tripped fuses themselves that can start an engine fire; the tripped fuses are a sign of trouble, and this can start the engine fire. As with your home, tripped fuses in your automobile are overloaded – something is pushing too much voltage into the fuse. If you find that your vehicle’s fuses keep tripping, have a diagnostic check done to find out what’s tasking the electrical system.

Leaking Fluids

Four fluids in particular prevent fire danger in your vehicle. Brake fluid prevents your brake system from overheating and engine coolant, motor oil, and transmission oil prevent the engine from overheating. If any of these fluids are leaking out of your car, you might end up with overheating to the point of fire risk. In addition, gasoline is flammable, and if it’s leaking from your car, you could be in big trouble.

Fluctuating Warnings

If you notice your gauges or warning lights acting strange, you might have an electrical problem which can turn into a fire risk, especially if your vehicle’s fuses are being stressed as discussed above. In some cases, the issue could be real, i.e., your coolant gauge goes from hot-to-cold to hot-to-cold not only because your vehicle is overheating but also because there’s a problem with the gauge.

Few things are scarier than a vehicle fire, and you really do reduce your chances of having one if you maintain your European automobile. Bring your car into PKW Motorwerks. We are located in Plainfield, IL, and we’d be happy to give your vehicle a safety inspection. Call us today at 630-381-8834.